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Where I’ll Be in the Next Two Weeks

Edmonton Expo for a couple panels this weekend and U of A’s AUTHORPALOOZA next Friday. Come by, say hi, and tell me I sent you!


First, this Friday afternoon, there’s Gaming Storytelling with superstar author/editor Dave Gross, m’writing colleague at Beamdog, Amber Scott, and award-winning podcaster Scott Bourgeois, whose name I’m absolutely certain I just misspelled (sorry, Scott.)


Room: Room 107
Start: 4:30PM
End: 5:15PM

What lessons can writers learn from rolling a few d20s? And what elements of writing can apply to running a great role-playing game? Roll up your answers here!


Then on Saturday Dave and I will discuss the ups, downs, and way, way downs of


Room: Room 107
Start: 11:30AM
End: 12:30PM

From Star Wars to the Forgotten Realms, big franchises include tie-in novels, comics, and games. This panel of tie-in writers discuss the challenges and opportunities of writing shared-world stories.


Then, a scant six days later on Friday October 3, I’ll be taking part in the University of Alberta’s first AUTHORPALOOZA, the brainchild of UofA’s newest Writer in Residence, Minister Faust. I’ll be there with musician Maria Dunn, poet Ahmed Knowmadic, and mystery writer & historian Wayne Arthurson.


Exciting times! I’m exhausted just reading this post. Time for a nap, I think. It’s always time for a nap.

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The Shadow pulps had the best art

They really did.

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This Abandoned Traffic Jam Has Been Sitting Here For 70 Years And It’s Stunning. (x)

Right in the middle of a small forest near Chatillon, a little village in Southern Belgium, is a graveyard of abandoned and beautiful rusty cars. These cars once belonged to US soldiers who were stationed in this region. It’s not known how they managed to acquire these beauties in the middle of the war. When World War II ended, all military troops were sent back to the US, but the cost of having all those cars shipped was way too expensive. The ranking officers decided to leave all the cars in Belgium. The cars were driven up a hill, one by one, nicely parked and somehow hidden from the outside world.

Once back home in the US, the soldiers who wanted to retrieve their car had to take personal responsibility for all costs of the shipping. Not a single car was retrieved.

At one point there were four car graveyards around Chatillon, and as many as 500 vehicles. Only one remain today. Over time, corrosion and decay have worn down the vehicles and what little remained were stolen by the locals and car collectors.

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On Spec Magazine: Canadiana, Small Press, and the Importance of Supporting the Arts


Last year On Spec Magazine published my short story “Green Child.” I considered it one of my first professional cold sales. I didn’t know anyone at On Spec except in passing and I had no reason to believe they would recognize my name. Getting my letter of acceptance was, to say the least,…

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Different Approaches

Today fellow Beamdog writer Amber Scott (@biggmommascott on twitter, she’s got a tumblr but I can’t remember how to link stuff right now) and I were tasked with coming up with some potential storylines for an even more potential game down the line.

We both worked independently, then combined everything into a shared document. In doing so, it became very clear that 1) we had very different approaches, 2) Amber knows what she’s doing, and 3) Me, not so much.

Amber: “…so then, after defeating Hulrag the orc chieftain on the day of his son Hulrag-Et’s wedding, the adventurers make their way to the city of Bronssheim. There, they track the villainous Krellik down to apartment 12b, 1356 Warriors Way, the site of the legendary half-dwarf mage Mallolly the Munificent final confrontation with her nemesis the Twilight Wyrm in 1073, which led to the Days of Glory (1073-1087). In apartment 12b, the heroes learn that they must seek all three pieces of the Brimstone Gem of the demon Kariss, in the Giantsteeth Mountains…”

Me: “Zombie myconids might be cool.”

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Sometimes you do things you don’t fully understand. I went and saw Sin City: A Dame to Kill For on opening night.

Some thoughts, w/ spoilers, on Sin City 2: A Dame to Boogaloo to follow, bug first, my apologies to anyone who read this on twitter and caught a spoiler they didn’t want. I’m tired and I didn’t think and I screwed up. Sorry. And now, random tjhoughts:

1) Jessica Alba’s character VO narrates part of her story. Bruce Willis’ character, explicitly an Alba hallucination, also does VO narration 

2) They can make Mickey Rourke’s head look like Marv, but they can’t find a way to pad his body so he looks less like a bobblehead?

3) Rourke’s Marv is pretty much portrayed as a straight-up superhero in this movie. First he beats up punks trying to burn a wino. Then he helps Josh Brolin’s character by defeating Eva Green’s superpowered henchman. ..then he’s called in to take out dozens of bodyguards to Alba’s character is clear to do what she wants to do. On the merits of this film alone w/out taking the first into consideration, he’s arguably the most sympathetic character onscreen, not that that’s a high bar to clear.

4) My favourite part of the movie was Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s story. It took me awhile to figure out why, but what it comes down to is this: he’s a hero in a Sin City yarn, so of course he’s masculine & can handle himself in a fight, but he achieves victory without using violence. I can’t recall that ever happening in Sin City before.

5) It was corny as hell. I was dead tired & found a good portion of the cliche noir dialogue funny. Most of the rest of the near-non-existent crowd didn’t respond the same way.

6) The projectionist had screwed up slightly, so the tops of heads were frequently cut off, in longer shots sometimes down to the bridge of the nose. It bugged me, but T didn’t notice. Told an usher after the movie and he seemed to take it so personally I felt bad having mentioned it.

7) There are more people living in Kadie’s Bar than the rest of Sin City combined.

8) Who the hell brings two five to ten year old kids to an R-rated film called SIN CITY? Seriously.

9) Movie makeup is amazing. On film Frank Miller didn’t appear to be hovering on the brink of death.

10) Eva Green really seemed to get into her role. Once her character’s duplicitousness was revealed, she was a Mr. Burns level villain.

11) T thought the movie’s reluctance to show male genitals emasculated the naked male characters. “Josh Brolin is hung like a Ken Doll,” she saidGiven Miller’s comments re: masculinity in interviews, this read intrigued me, b/c I’m absolutely certain it’s not what the filmmakers intended and just reflects what the actors or their reps were willing to allow. That’s why Jessica Alba’s stripper character wears more than 70% of the other women in the movie.

12) You can give him as much makeup as you want; Josh Brolin is no Clive Owen.

13) The glasses w/ the white lenses were SUPER distracting. 

14) If I’m being honest, I enjoyed it more than I expected to. Another film benefits from my very low expectations.

15) The rule for the Sin City movies seems to be “The more colour you have onscreen, the less of an actual character you’ll be.”Marcy was pure fridgebait and what happened to the character was excessive and unnecessary. Not opposed to it, but she didn’t add much beyond another hot dame to gaze lovingly at a male hero. More accurately, she added nothing whatsoever beyond that.

16) In moving from comic to screen, the Meloni/Piven combo was seriously shortchanged. Their entire investigation sequence, cut. As a result Meloni’s disintegration comes off as very rushed and choppy.

18) I don’t understand why Dwight’s Kiss Me I’m Greek boss…was cut. You could’ve communicated more backstory in funny dialogue rather than cliched VO that way.

19) in one of the few noticeably changes from the comic that wasn’t a straight cut, they took out Gail’s big moment describing what Dwight did for her, but for some reason let her tell the story of what Dwight did for Miho, which seems like a pretty abritrary alteration.

20) Nancy is shown training and getting good at shooting Hartigan’s weapon, which has sentimental value to her. During her big break-in assault, she goes all ninja with a crossbow she picked up fifteen minutes earlier, presumably because “that’s cooler”.

…big break-in assault, she goes all ninja with a crossbow she picked up fifteen minutes earlier, presumably because “that’s cooler”.

21) No mid or after-credits sting. That’s all I can think of right now.

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game of thrones vs. the worst muse

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Fucking shit

This is simultaneously cool-looking and absolutely terrifying.


Keep watching…..






Fucking shit

This is simultaneously cool-looking and absolutely terrifying.


Keep watching…..


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Hey! I wouldn’t normally post something like this but…. These guys need some help! This is wordsworth books in YYC (Calgary).
They’ve been trying to close for quite some time and only have about ten days left.
They are literally still filled to the rafters in some rooms with books and can’t find ways to get rid of them!
Lots may end up getting thrown out if they can’t get sold.
Currently EVERYTHING is 70% off and starting today is TWENTY pocket books for five dollars!
They don’t know how to get the word out through social media, so I’m giving them a little hand by posting about it on every form of social media I have because currently they just have tiny signs in the window.
Its located at 1040 8th Ave SW.
Its a minute walk from west kerby station and pretty much right behind Lord Nelsons pub.
THEY DO NOT HAVE DEBIT because they’re a little behind in the times, BUT lord nelsons has an ATM and so does the convenience store by the train station.
They have a really cool section of 1st editions and books in great shape from the early 1900’s, it would be very sad if these were lost forever!

Checked in today!
As many paperback books as you can fit in a white garbage bag (store supplied) for $10!
He still has two back rooms to move into the main rooms and every shelf is still pretty packed!
He’s got about eight days left now and probably 40k books or so.
More books are coming from the back room daily so no matter what you’ll still find something.

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3D printed portraits derived from synthesized DNA found on discarded gum and cigarette butts by Heather Dewey-Hagborg.